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1031 exchanges (tax deferred exchanges), also known as a 1031 like-kind exchange are complicated and generally most people considering an exchange have never completed one before. We are here to help answer your questions so you can decide if completing an exchange, specifically a 1031 exchange real estate, is the right move for you.

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Improvement 1031 Exchange


An improvement 1031 exchange is when you are doing a standard 1031 exchange and you use the proceeds of the relinquished property to acquire and improve the replacement property as part of your 1031 Exchange transaction.

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Reverse 1031 Exchange


A reverse 1031 exchange is when you purchase your replacement property before you close on the sale of your relinquished property. It involves additional paperwork and procedures on top of the standard 1031 exchange.

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Forward 1031 Exchange


A traditional forward 1031 exchange is when you sell investment property (relinquished property) and roll all, or part, of the sale proceeds into the purchase of a new investment property (replacement property).

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