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Trenton Hendry

owner & Exchange ACCOMMODATOR

"I founded Freedom 1031 to offer my expertise nationwide. Not only to ensure the protection of your funds but to provide guidance and answers throughout the exchange process."

Trenton Hendry
Owner & Intermediary
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Trenton Hendry owner and qualified intermediary at Freedom 1031
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Freedom 1031, the story and experience

the Mission

We have been doing 1031 exchanges for a combined 35+ years between all of our managers, with background in title & escrow for 65+ years. The truth is we know how to handle a closing, prepare paperwork, record deeds, and properly manage money on behalf of clients regarding their real estate transactions.

my Mission
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Striving to help you defer the tax

Our mission is very simple, to help you complete a tax deferred 1031 exchange so you can increase your buying power on a new investment property after selling your existing investment property and stay within the 1031 exchange rules. We are not CPA's or Tax Attorney's so we cannot give tax advice or council, we are here to help complete your exchange. If you need a referral to a CPA or Tax Attorney we can refer you to a qualified professional.

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Our qualified intermediaries will help you through every step of the process, ensuring that your 1031 exchange is conducted in compliance with all IRS regulations.

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Watch how I had helped FastCo grow 67% in one year

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why us

When it comes to exchanges, nobody does it better than Freedom 1031

  • Experience

    We have over 35 years of experience in 1031 exchanges. Creating value and ensuring a seamless experience for our customers is what we're known for and what sets us apart. Our experience means that we can provide expert guidance and support throughout the entire process, from start to finish. This allows our clients to focus on their goals and understanding the important details of their exchange, while leaving the rest to us.

  • Individualized guidance

    With a designated Exchange Officer, you'll get the individualized care and guidance you need to make your experience a success. We take the time to understand your unique goals and objectives, so we can tailor the exchange process to fit your specific needs.

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Working Together

We believe in long-term partnerships, because we know that they are crucial to Freedom 1031 achieving our mission.